UBUNTU 9.10 Review

This is my first review for an operating system so please give me your comments if u think i missed anything…

Karmic Koala, the latest from Cannonical is the best so far and I took an instant liking to it. There are plenty of new features to it which are clearly and instantly visible.

  • The old human look has been replaced and a new chocolate look has come combined with lots of wallpapers than previous ubuntus.
  • Boot Up time is faster
  • Upgrade is very easy and does not consume any time( PS do not run any programs while upgrading)
  • Supports ext4
  • New Theme Humanity has been introduced
  • UBUNTU Software Center – Probably One of the Best features introduced this time. The best part of it is it does not consume ur desktop and you can automatically give the install and close it. It works
  • Computer janitor has been modified
  • If we notice carefully, we can have xterm and gnome are supported by default( maybe we can have two or more desktop, I have not given it a try PS let me know if anyone does)
  • GRUB 2 included

Personally, within two days I am getting addicted to it and certainly recommend to people who have not started their linux journey because they say its too difficult, this may certainly change their opinions.


Google Chrome on UBUNTU

I had gotten UBUNTU 9.04 a few days and was looking for chrome. Today I fell upon it, however it is not the official release and not a stable one even. Google released it a few days back and so I am sharing the link with everyone so chrome fans can directly get it on linux too

Get it here: http://wp.me/pzuEo-1u


Chrome Screenshot
Chrome Screenshot

Chrome Screenshot
Chrome Screenshot

PS I know the screenshots does not fit my theme but they look better when expanded

Change Background Image in GRUB through command line

It is actually very simple to change the grub background image in LINUX and edit the grub and put it over there however there are a few ground rules we need to remember .

  • It should be a xpm image with just 14 colours in it ( that is sadist but thats the way it is)
  • It should be a 640 x 480
  • Gzip it

Now going step by step walk through how to change the background through your terminal

  • Once you have gzipped your image copy it into your /boot/grub/
    • sudo cp -v source /boot/grub/splash.xpm.gz
  • Login as root
    • sudo -i
  • Use a text editor gedit or vi
    • gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst ( I prefer vim wirte now)
  • Now you will find something known as #pretty colors
  • Under that splashimage=(hdX,Y)/boot/grub/splash.xpm.gz where X is your hard disk no¬† and Y refers to the parition in my case it is(hd0,6)
  • Save it and exit

You are done… Cheers

Changing computer name in UBUNTU 9.04

Well with the new ION proxy authentication I was forced to change the my laptop’s name. I use windows 7 and UBUNTU 9.04 which the ION people obviously could not change. So I decided to change its name myself for the first time.

1. Open Terminal and then type
2. gksudo gedit /etc/hostname
3. gedit will open your computer name
4. change it and enter the regular proxy order(for MITians)
5. Your net will work.
6. Be thankful you wont need to restart your computer in linux as in case of windows