UBUNTU 9.10 Review

This is my first review for an operating system so please give me your comments if u think i missed anything…

Karmic Koala, the latest from Cannonical is the best so far and I took an instant liking to it. There are plenty of new features to it which are clearly and instantly visible.

  • The old human look has been replaced and a new chocolate look has come combined with lots of wallpapers than previous ubuntus.
  • Boot Up time is faster
  • Upgrade is very easy and does not consume any time( PS do not run any programs while upgrading)
  • Supports ext4
  • New Theme Humanity has been introduced
  • UBUNTU Software Center – Probably One of the Best features introduced this time. The best part of it is it does not consume ur desktop and you can automatically give the install and close it. It works
  • Computer janitor has been modified
  • If we notice carefully, we can have xterm and gnome are supported by default( maybe we can have two or more desktop, I have not given it a try PS let me know if anyone does)
  • GRUB 2 included

Personally, within two days I am getting addicted to it and certainly recommend to people who have not started their linux journey because they say its too difficult, this may certainly change their opinions.