Awesome bar on Firefox 4.0b

Well a few days back, I got the firefox 4.0b on my openSUSE system and really worked out of the box for me but I missed the awesome bar and maybe a few others like me might have missed it. So , I decided to get the awesome bar working. You can follow the following steps to get your awesome bar working

Enjoy people


Mozilla Firefox 4.0b on openSUSE 11.3

Recently I tried firefox 4.0b on openSUSE and it offered me a quite nice experience, the menu bar looks slick and it the view screen is more spacious and wonderful. Among other things I noticed the new addons look (right as a browser page) and fell which is quite good. The goups are an awesome addition to the new firefox.

To get firefox in openSUSE, add the firefox factory repo and install it via zypper / YaST

Firefox Personas..

After a long list of Ubuntu Posts, I am now writing something about Firefox and specifically about Personas. Personas are lightweight “skins” that change the look of our Firefox web browser. They however maintain the default theme format and just change the image of the background of the menu bars , address bars etc on the top and the status bar at the bottom. Firefox adds new personas everyday to the firefox personas list. We can also create our own persona and if we like our art work we can even submit it to firefox which they may consider. Luckily for me, I submitted one and it was selected by the Firefox community again.

You can find my persona over here :- Mushy Tux

To create your own persona :- Click Here

Ensure you have the Persona add on … Cheers:-)