GSoC and the past fortnight

Its been almost a fortnight I guess without a blog post, so continuing with the series, I have a couple of updates.

From tomorrow, Google Summer of Code Student Evaluations will start tomorrow on wards, so all the best to all the students who have worked hard over the summer and helped open source organizations grow. An extra applause for the mentors who have really worked hard over the summers and have contributed their personal time to get these students involved. Specifically, from an openSUSE point of view, I hope everyone passes these evaluations.

Apart from these things, I have also hit a couple of realizations over the past fortnight,

  • I have gone worse in programming, something that I intend to improve upon in the next six months
  • I waste a lot of time, I really need to optimize time so that I can work much more efficiently.

And then as news, humblefool one of India’s top programmers died of a car crash. There is an excellent eulogy written by Animesh on quora, I urge you to read it and take inspiration from it.




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