GSoC Meetup : Jamia Millia Islamia Faculty of Engineering

It all began abruptly, when Akif Khan ( a prospective student ) asked me to discuss my GSoC experiences at his college. The idea instigated quickly instigated me as I longed to visit a College Campus and meet real open source people after a long time, so I agreed without giving a second thought, we decided that we will meet up on Saturday at Faculty of Eng, Jamia Millia Islamia.

I reached Jamia Millia at time and was pleased to find an enthusiastic culture of open source led by the students over there. Lots of students from other colleges were a part of the meetup too. A few things that I noted my experience there are as follows :

  1. Students were enthusiastic and really wanted to contribute to open source. Since most of them were fresh(wo)men, they were enthusiastic about the GSoC experience and how it could help them.
  2. Discussion how to select a project, write a proposal and how to communicate with the organizations was taken up.

One of the most enthusiastic things that I heard was “I really want to do it, despite of getting through GSoC” which is pretty much any open source organization wants. Hopefully, we have more students who think like this and even more who turn their thoughts into action. Overall, it was an excellent talk with a bunch of enthusiastic people :).

There were a lot of interesting questions asked, one of them being was “How do I start contributing to it?” . Recently, I had one of the more interesting reads on quora which gives a answer to the question in a very succint way.

IMAG1549 IMAG1533 IMAG1544 GSoC - Meetup JMFEC


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