Attrocities of Vodafone

I have been a long time Vodafone user but now I have second thoughts about the “SO Called” Best consumer satisfaction offered by the company. I had like this blog post to be retweeted and spread over the social media. Its a wake up call for us consumers.

“Providing best services is a myth and assurances is all that we can give” – That is what Vodafone Preaches.

 Scene 1 : Poor Customer Services 

Anyway on to the story, 2 weeks back I got a recharge of Rs. 249 for a 3G internet connection from Vodafone Store, Vaibhav Khand, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad. Before buying the connection, I had asked the sales representative at the store if I would be able to avail 3G services, she said yes and I happily paid her the money. My happiness was short lived only to find out that I was not getting any promised services. Following that, I contacted Vodafone customer service thrice and every time my call was disconnected by the representative on the other end. Seeing calling vodafone customer service is a fail, disgruntled I tweeted about Vodafone. Surprisingly the result was very fast. The next day I had a call from Nodal Office, Vodafone to reassure me the problem was looked into and he would send a customer representative as per company polices.

Note : During my calls with a customer representative, I was told there was no 3G services available in the vodafone area

Scene2 : Inspection

The Vodafone network inspector arrived on Tuesday to look into the problem. His responses were as follows :

  • Are you able to make a call to another floor from here?
  • There is little connectivity outdoors ( that essentially implies you cannot make proper calls even from the balcony)

Upon asking, will I be able to get 3G services, his response was as follows

  • I cannot comment on that and I have sent the reports already
  •  Vodafone will contact you within 48 hours to let me know the status of the issue.

Patiently I waited and waited and waited, but no avail. I was shocked.

 Scene 3 :  Assurances

I was waiting and I tweeted again asking them about the status of my complaint. Vodafone twitter courteously replied,
“We assure you we are working on to solve the problem”. On asking about a set deadline, “They reassured me that they are working on the issue”

So  assurances was all that I had got from my long time telecom partner.

All this while, I was losing money that I had invested on 3g services and off course the money for 2G services that I had paid earlier leaving me in a”Fuck OFF” situation by vodafone.

What I want from Vodafone?

At the end of the day, I had like Vodafone to refund my money in Cash or Account transfer and not in form of phone balances, so that I can happily say good bye to you.



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