Google Code-in Update

For the first half of Google Code-in, we have more than 94 tasks for the students. Already over 53 have been done and around 12 are work in progress. By the end of the first phase, I really hope to see all these tasks done. Some of the most interesting tasks that have been done by our students are
1. Design of openSUSE Magazine ( This can be used for attracting sponsors and is a work in progress )
2. Porting Bento Theme to Tumblr ( )
3. Several Tutorial Videos
4. Loads and Loads of Translation tasks specially in Romanian, Turkish and Greek.
5. Concept artworks for our wallpapers. login screen etc.
6.  Cleaning up our wiki
7. Lots of testing done for GNOME3 specially

These are things that we have done already and during the process I have come to meet lots of interesting people during the whole process. All in all GCI is a fun thing and I again call everyone to become a mentor or help us in suggesting tasks for GCI as this is very much required to get the program running. So if you have something interesting in mind and if you want to get something done but do not have enough time to work or if you want to interact with some of the most brilliant kids around the world, its time for you to sign up as a mentor. Every little bit of help is appreciated.

If you have a task in mind and do not have a lot of time, please add it as a comment below.
If you want to mentor, its the most awesome thing and we will have more helping hands please register at and mail your user id at manugupt1[at]opensuse[dot]org so that I can invite you.


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