SaX3 – Get your hands dirty

Its been a long time I posted anything, but things look promising now, SaX3 is moving forward and 2 of its module have been completed, the keyboard module and the mouse module, so please test it and give me your feedbacks and if there are any bugs. BUGS will certainly be squashed, I dont know about UI changes. Suggestions are welcome. I plan to work on touchpads next.

For factory users

For 11.4 users


Otherwise, you can all use my home repositories too for the more connvinient zypper way

Feedbacks and comments are most most welcome.


11 thoughts on “SaX3 – Get your hands dirty

  1. sax3 didn’t work for me. After successful install on suse 12.1, and calling sax3 from root, runlevel 3, all I get is a 10-15(?)-line text followed by a blue blank square box. If I hit any key, the box crashes. The text disappears before I can read it. startx brings up KDE, but the resolution is so high nothing is readable (font size 2?).


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