SaX3 – GSoC 2011 – Work Report

This week I worked on SaX3 internal UI architecture, offcourse we will be using libyui but we wanted to make it as flexible as possible so that the UI Library can be replaced by anybody and still keep SaX usable, for that we implemented the factory pattern and most of the code was working. Finally, we have something working and the screenshots below show that SaX3 is working in graphical mode and ncurses mode.

I am adding screenshots of the launcher that will launch various configuration modules such as keyboard, mouse, graphic card etc etc . Also this is just a start and by the time I present my next report I week, this will be much cleaner and you can play around more with it. Right now it does not do anything so dont get surprised.

Source code can be found at
The working branch is newui1.

cmake is a bit messy, I will update it in the following week and a bit of other clean up tasks and try some other stuff like localisation in it


9 thoughts on “SaX3 – GSoC 2011 – Work Report

  1. Great work. I’ll be following this project with interest. Will this be capable of making persistent changes to display mode (using the new Xorg config files) or via xrandr commands executed at X startup?


  2. Manu,
    I’m very happy to see you got the project, even happier to see it has been a success to date. I know coding is hard, So I wish continued success wiht Sax3!
    GO Manu!


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