Karma Plugin for openSUSE Connect

This post is about an idea for GSoC 2011 regarding openSUSE Connect.

Short Description : Karma concept in openSUSE Connect that will collect points from wiki edits, bugzilla entries, planet.opensuse.org posts, distribution changelogs etc and use them in the Connect. Based on Karma, different badges to be given. Different categories – developer karma/marketing karma etc. Also, an option to reward/ transfer Karma points to another user in recognition of his work. API to be implemented to access/ modify Karma points.

For those of you who have time to read the long description :

So basic idea of this project is to create different kinds of karma and collect as many information as possible automatically. So we will have wiki karma that will grow with every wiki page edit. We will have marketing karma growing bigger with every tweet and blog post. Packager karma getting bigger with every change submitted to the openSUSE. So this project will be not only about displaying and managing karma points but also about collecting statistics from various different services.

Use Cases

  • This can be used for wiki edits, blog posts, tweets, release parties, booths at conferences.
  • If a user adds a new page to the wiki, then he will get some X Karma points.
  • Similarly, on reporting a bug, he may get Y points.
  • Also, if a particular user really likes the work of another contributor ( like a bug fix), he can award that user some Z karma points.

IMO, this idea has a lot of scope. We can really add loads of features.

I have applied for this idea for GSoC. The idea is mentored by an awesome helpful person : Michal Hrusecky Here’s the link to my proposal : http://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/proposal/review/google/gsoc2011/kar2905/1

More detail at : Michal’s blog post


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