An account of GNOME Asia Summit 2011

I was highly excited to attend GNOME Asia Summit at Bengaluru and I left Manipal with high spirits. GNOME Asia exceeded all my expectations, being the best conference I ever attended and met a lot of cool people and yes the best part was I also met people who I wanted to meet and then last but not the least a huge openSUSE bang at the summit. And yes I must specially thank Bharath Acharya(abharath) and Sankar P(psankar) both of them have helped me a lot in and off the conference. Both of them have been a huge support and I am yes lucky to have such great mentors / friends.

Now back on to GNOME Asia Summit, we that is I and Tejas reached at Majestic right on 600 hours in the morning and we immediately took a room so that we get some sleep during the night and watch the match too ( well, I could not watch the match ). After getting the room, we immediately left for DSIT and lickily for us we met a Banglorite Punith and we reached DSIT. As soon as I reached DSIT, I met a lot of Manipalites, Vikash, Saurabh, Viraj, Prashanth ( who is now applying for a GSoC Project at openSUSE after my talk :D) and Pramith. The first person from GNOME who I met was Akhil Ladha and then I met Bharath both of who were extremely busy and did a great job in organising the whole summit rather say they were the foundations of the whole summit. The first talk I attended was a keynote by Brian Cameron which was Ok but the one by Vincent was awesome, I specially enjoyed the part where he had demosntrations for whatever he said. The openSUSE stall was a big success where again there were great people who helped organised the stall like Punit, Sridhar, Vibha and others ( sorry if I missed anyone out). Akash, you are one special guy. This guy was roaming around the stall and silently collecting the DVDs and stickers, I just got curious as to what he would do with this stuff and he said he loved openSUSE and I immediately asked him to join our brigade and did a great job in helping us with our stall. I cannot thank him more and I certainly hope he does a great job over the years to come and attends loads and loads of GNOME and KDE and and other conferences for openSUSE. By this time, I heard a talk by Shashwat was cancelled and then I thought perhaps I should ask Bharath if I can give a talk at GNOME Asia ( yes first talk at the last moment, something which I will always cherish and remember). This wonderful man, inspite of all his busy schedule and the India Sri Lanka Finals arranged a talk for me, I still owe you the treat I promised. Since the summit was declared off for the afternoon so that we could all watch the match, I along with Tejas, Vikash, Saurabh and Viraj. We watched the match at CCD. Since I am not a great fan of Cricket, so I decided to play nintendo wii at Gopalan and we kept I played it like around for 3 hours and we returned to Vikash’s room where I surfed over the net and had a few discussions regarding my talk. Bharath called me in an hour confirming my talk and I should say 90% of the hardwork was done by him, Thanks a lot. About my talk, I cannot leave out Sankar P who actually pushed me out of the closet and said Lack of preparation is just pure nonsense and move ahead with the preparations so I had my slides ready. And yes, Manishi I dont think there is not a time in Banglore when I can go without meeting you :D, even if I say a no and I watched the match’s last over at her place and my pic that is at the speakers list is taken by her.

The second day started off pretty dull as 830 hrs is just way too early to wake up on a Sunday and I think Bengaluru agreed on this one with me. One by one people started pouring in and the crowd was again tremendous. I could not attend a load of talks as I had to prepare my slides. Meanwhile, when I was also handling the openSUSE stall. People had all kinds of quesitons and I answered most of their queries. At the end of the day, we were able to distribute all the DVDs around 800 of them , along with a horde of SLES DVD and Laptop Stickers. The SUSE Studio contest was a success and a guy won a netbook over at the summit. I was glad I met Sankar P, who has helped me a lot right from the beginning I joined openSUSE, one person who I really wanted to meet. I met Vincent too, he is a great guy and he took every oppurtunity to enjoy the summit. It was fun to be with him and Sankar P. I also met Manish Sinha, who is one of Manipal’s pass outs and founder of Linux Users Group Manipal. Now before ending the very big lengthy post which must have taken you a great deal I must say a few things about my talk too. I spoke upon LibYUI basically discussed the YaST UI, one reason I discussed this was its innate ability to work on Qt, ncurses and GTK looks without writing the code multiple times. Again, Mvindner had a GSoC Idea regarding this and somehow this excited me and I decided to speak over the GSoC Project over it. Luckily for me, 2 students are applying for the same project. Things could not have been better and I am extremely satisfied at how smoothly things went at GNOME Asia.

PS One thing that is misssing above is pics.. well I will post it as soon as I get them..


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