STFU Indian Media

Recently a kid from IIIT Allahabad, India died of a bus aaccident. The turnout of this event came to me as a shock and the little respect that I had for the Indian Media well topsy turvied my outlook on the ideology and work ethics of Indian Media and the Indian Government. The Indian National Emblem has beautifully carved on it “Satyameva Jayathe” (Truth Always Triumphs) but little do we realize the true meaning of it. Getting to the means and getting our asses covered has become out sole ideology which have led to a total disruption of moral ethics and values in the country. The concerned people have taken care to demean the life of the kid by adopting any means that is possible.

As sources tell me ( I am not at a liberty as to who told me what ), this was a typical hit and run case. The boy was standing on the pavement and the rash bus driver (rash drivers are not unusual in India) just bumped into him and ran off. A typical hit and run case which should not have caused a lot of issue if the College Authorities and the Indian Media could have chosen to accept the truth.

Instead everyone chose to weave their own story

Version 1
The boy was drunk and he was ran over by the bus. As my sources tell me, the boy had a pleasant personality and despite of all the attempts made by his friends to force him to drink he never ran across this habit. However the Girls Hostels at IIIT Allahabad were fed with this story.

Version 2
The boy was trying to jump on the footrest of the bus and was carried down by the bus. Sources again tell me, an eye witness was threatened with his life so that the whole affair could be easily buried under the ditch.

Offcourse there are more rumors around the corner but the above two are enough to make a point.

Dear Indian Media,
Either you are jumping to conclusions hastily or you are trying to cover up the truth or you want to strike while the iron is really hot. I dont really care but DEVALUE someones life is not an ethical thing to do. Please do take the time to look for the truth or atleast if you too have multiple scenarios let the general public know about them otherwise STFU.


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