Getting started with openSUSE 11.3

I know getting started with any new operating system is a nightmare, specially when it is Linux since at the very start it expects you to work with open source software and what the heck, mp3 is not open source, VLC is not there… how the hell am I supposed to install stuff in Linux. I have heard its through the command line but why do not we have a GUI or the GUI might be too complicated for me and I wont be able to follow it. Such questions arise generally and this post is really meant for beginners who just want to get started and get their work done in openSUSE.

If you have a broadcom wlan, you are really into deep shit as of now as broadcom drivers are closed source and openSUSE does not ship it along with their DVD. The first step I will recommend is to have a look at this

Now if you have a perfectly well established internet connection, the next step should naturally be getting media to work. The following guide helps you to do that

To get a basic understanding of openSUSE and also solve the above issues I really recommend this guide

Have a look at these and the most common issues can be avoided. Still if you guys fall into any issue

* 1 st year Manipal Institute Of Technology Students, I will be soon posting a detailed blog on how to configure your hardware.


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