Manipal Session

openSUSE was well received in Manipal during the session. It was conducted by LUG Manipal on 11th and 12th October 2010 and students specially from the first years showed great enthusiasm. LUG Manipal was self financed by itself (I owe a big thanks to everyone in LUG Manipalfor supporting and making this event a success). I showed up as the openSUSE ambassador. More than 40 Promo DVDs and laptop stickers were distributed during the session (Thanks to P Sankar, Michael & Andreas). I would like as openSUSE Ambassador would like to take more session.

The session included a live demos of gnome, kde ( both the plasma and netbook workspace) followed by a demo of SUSE Studio and a brief word about OBS.

One of the interesting questions which I was asked was if open source is developing so fast what will happen to windows.

The event had some issues which could have been tackled was maintaing a repo disc of popular softwares, also a pre test on Acer Travelmate 4740 Broadcom wireless drivers. If these issues were addressed it would have been a 10/10 event. Next blog post on how to solve them. Just watch out for it fellas


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