SUSE Studio

I have been on openSUSE for the last 5 months and it has inevitably become my choice of distro. While I was using openSUSE, I was also introduced to SUSE Studio, one of the coolest technologies I have ever come across. It enables us to create our own operating system, offcourse based on openSUSE using KIWI. There are a lot of benefitsto using SUSE Studio.

  • Create your own operating system
  • Give your own branding
  • Host it, free of charge at SUSE Gallery
  • Edit your appliance on the go
  • Add your own softwares
  • Add your own repsitories
  • Custom Scripts can be used
  • Test Drive your distro without downloading it using VNC, ssh, or within the browser

After looking at it, I tried to give it a spin myself. My version of openSUSE is known as GNOME Stack. I tried to include some features into it without using  a lot of capabilities of SUSE Studio but include a lot of softwares and some basic repositories which I recommend to everyone. Some of the key features of GNOME Stack are

  • Multimedia Codecs  (Almost all media files should work)
  • State of Art Media and Audio Players like VLC, Banshee, xine
  • LAMP already installed
  • Qt Creator 4
  • Netbeans
  • Eclipse

You can download my openSUSE GNOME Stack from Its a 1.3 GB download but yes its worth it

To make your own appliance (custom fitting operating system) go to


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