UBUNTU 9.10 Review

This is my first review for an operating system so please give me your comments if u think i missed anything…

Karmic Koala, the latest from Cannonical is the best so far and I took an instant liking to it. There are plenty of new features to it which are clearly and instantly visible.

  • The old human look has been replaced and a new chocolate look has come combined with lots of wallpapers than previous ubuntus.
  • Boot Up time is faster
  • Upgrade is very easy and does not consume any time( PS do not run any programs while upgrading)
  • Supports ext4
  • New Theme Humanity has been introduced
  • UBUNTU Software Center – Probably One of the Best features introduced this time. The best part of it is it does not consume ur desktop and you can automatically give the install and close it. It works
  • Computer janitor has been modified
  • If we notice carefully, we can have xterm and gnome are supported by default( maybe we can have two or more desktop, I have not given it a try PS let me know if anyone does)
  • GRUB 2 included

Personally, within two days I am getting addicted to it and certainly recommend to people who have not started their linux journey because they say its too difficult, this may certainly change their opinions.


3 thoughts on “UBUNTU 9.10 Review

  1. Yes. I have installed Ubuntu 9.10 on my EEEPC 701 4G netbook (screen resolution 800×480 pixels with 7 inches LCD screen) through bootable USB flash drive.

    Previously, I had Win XP sp3 installed with NTFS file system on my netbook. The Ubuntu installation was not started, may be due to NTFS file system. Then I formatted the drive and created a single partition with FAT32 file system using Win XP cd. Then I started Ubuntu installation which was successfully installed with in 30 minutes. The hardware accessories of my netbook (wifi, webcam, card reader, touchpad, audio/ video adapters etc alongwith all function keys) are working correctly after the Ubuntu installation. Ubuntu 9.10 automatically installed the drivers during the OS installation process.

    This is amazingly fast running, although the disk space of my netbook is only 4GB and remaining free disk space is 900 MB after installing some packages/ softwares like VLC Player and others. The following softwares are pre-installed by default:

    Open Office 3.1
    GIMP 2.6
    CD/ DVD Creator
    Firefox 3.5.3
    gedit text editor
    Empathy IM Client
    Evolution Mail
    Brasero Disk Burner
    Movie Player
    Transmission BitTorrent client

    I have installed VLC Media Player, Kompozer, EeeControl 0.9.4 etc.

    Ubuntu 9.10 startup time on my EeePC netbook is approx 55 sec and shutdown time is only 9 sec.


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