My holidays

My holidays were quite a handful this time and I was really wondering what to do with it and hoping to get something out of it. Got an internship that gave me nothing except free time as the boss ran off to do some work and has not returned till date. Well a shit waste of time it was and after that I came down with a typhoid and was deprived of all the delicacies that was prepared at my home just like I was in hostel back again ( though the food was not that horrible)

The best part of the whole period was that I was spending my time with my family back after 4 and half months and will have to leave soon and what fun I had home watching all the movies I could adoing whatever I wished to do….nothing’s better than this

This is my first blog entry after lots of hits and trials and I mean to update this blog religiously


6 thoughts on “My holidays

  1. What happened to your other blog ??
    Congrats… you got a internship in the first yr .. rarely anyone gets it …
    Keep blogging ..


  2. my holidays was a nightmare which i happen to see after my result.After that it was mere a punishment which i enjoyed in keeping quiet which is very difficult for me.As tym passed day by day it was growing like amoeba…………………………………

    sleepless night,tasteless food,can’t stand my family,it was like i am in jail actually it was worst than jail…….it was all my fault…………
    i will call it..HOLIDAYSIMPOSSIBLE…………….


  3. nice work
    i had d most boring holidays dis time around…
    none of my friends were here…& it was burning like hell in delhi…


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