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SaX3 – Monitor Module completed

As part of GSoC Project, I am working on SaX3 and I have completed the monitor module.

You can get the latest repo from my home repository

Please test it thoroughly,and let me know if common troubleshooting use cases for a single monitor is supported. If there is anything missing let me know. Xinerama is not supported
For both factory and 11.4.

Next up is touchpad, which I will finish by this thursday. And will begin pencil downs the following week onwards.

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SaX3 – Get your hands dirty

Its been a long time I posted anything, but things look promising now, SaX3 is moving forward and 2 of its module have been completed, the keyboard module and the mouse module, so please test it and give me your feedbacks and if there are any bugs. BUGS will certainly be squashed, I dont know about UI changes. Suggestions are welcome. I plan to work on touchpads next.

For factory users

For 11.4 users


Otherwise, you can all use my home repositories too for the more connvinient zypper way

Feedbacks and comments are most most welcome.

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SaX3 – GSoC 2011 – Weekly Report 2

This is my 2nd report, this week not to show much for the users, but we did a quite interesteing things. SaX is now module oriented.So, if anyone wants to write a module for SaX3 it is possible now. Besides the important things which I did was

  1. Learn the augeas C api
  2. Submitted a  .desktop lens for augeas
  3. It is module oriented
  4. Tried out Doxygen
  5. SaX3 is now localised.

The launcher is now complete :-) Again, the source code is here Regarding modules, If anyone wants to check out how modules work, they work using .desktop files  in /usr/share/sax3/modules.d. If you will remove it we can remove it from the launcher.

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SaX3 – GSoC 2011 – Work Report

This week I worked on SaX3 internal UI architecture, offcourse we will be using libyui but we wanted to make it as flexible as possible so that the UI Library can be replaced by anybody and still keep SaX usable, for that we implemented the factory pattern and most of the code was working. Finally, we have something working and the screenshots below show that SaX3 is working in graphical mode and ncurses mode.

I am adding screenshots of the launcher that will launch various configuration modules such as keyboard, mouse, graphic card etc etc . Also this is just a start and by the time I present my next report I week, this will be much cleaner and you can play around more with it. Right now it does not do anything so dont get surprised.

Source code can be found at
The working branch is newui1.

cmake is a bit messy, I will update it in the following week and a bit of other clean up tasks and try some other stuff like localisation in it

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My GSoC Project – SaX3

Well, SaX off course needs no introduction for old time openSUSE and SUSE Users and certainly lots of people want it to be back on openSUSE. My proposal for Google Summer Of Code for SaX3 was selected and my mentor will be Michal Hrušecký. Now I will tell about the little interesting things on which I will be working on and some of the more interesting things later on at the end of the blog post.

SaX as most of on planet SUSE knows stands for SUSE Advanced X Configuration Tool, but for others lets say we want to have a Graphical Front End for Xorg.conf.d, so that we can easily configure our hardware too. The specific bits on which I will be focusing would be keyboard, mouse, touchpad and offcourse whats SaX without a good screen configuration tool like monitor, yes we will support that. One of the interesting features that SaX3 will support that it will have a graphical UI for ncurses mode even, so even if your X is not functioning, you dont need to remember a lot of command line commands.


Offcourse, a SaX without a proper monitor configuration is worthless and here is where I will need a lot of inputs from people at forums and other places. I am greatful for all those have  offered to help me from forums and everywhere else. I would take an oppurtunity to as to what platform will suit them, the forum itself, a Mailing list or through private channels or on IRC even where I can bug them a bit and make the best use of their experience SaX can work as expected.

Please post your views on your comment and I will get back to you soon.

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The Mountain by Terje Sorgjerd

The Mountain from Terje Sorgjerd on Vimeo.

This awesome video was posted by Avradip on Facebook and I am sharing this piece of awesomeness with others again :)

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An account of GNOME Asia Summit 2011

I was highly excited to attend GNOME Asia Summit at Bengaluru and I left Manipal with high spirits. GNOME Asia exceeded all my expectations, being the best conference I ever attended and met a lot of cool people and yes the best part was I also met people who I wanted to meet and then last but not the least a huge openSUSE bang at the summit. And yes I must specially thank Bharath Acharya(abharath) and Sankar P(psankar) both of them have helped me a lot in and off the conference. Both of them have been a huge support and I am yes lucky to have such great mentors / friends.

Now back on to GNOME Asia Summit, we that is I and Tejas reached at Majestic right on 600 hours in the morning and we immediately took a room so that we get some sleep during the night and watch the match too ( well, I could not watch the match ). After getting the room, we immediately left for DSIT and lickily for us we met a Banglorite Punith and we reached DSIT. As soon as I reached DSIT, I met a lot of Manipalites, Vikash, Saurabh, Viraj, Prashanth ( who is now applying for a GSoC Project at openSUSE after my talk :D) and Pramith. The first person from GNOME who I met was Akhil Ladha and then I met Bharath both of who were extremely busy and did a great job in organising the whole summit rather say they were the foundations of the whole summit. The first talk I attended was a keynote by Brian Cameron which was Ok but the one by Vincent was awesome, I specially enjoyed the part where he had demosntrations for whatever he said. The openSUSE stall was a big success where again there were great people who helped organised the stall like Punit, Sridhar, Vibha and others ( sorry if I missed anyone out). Akash, you are one special guy. This guy was roaming around the stall and silently collecting the DVDs and stickers, I just got curious as to what he would do with this stuff and he said he loved openSUSE and I immediately asked him to join our brigade and did a great job in helping us with our stall. I cannot thank him more and I certainly hope he does a great job over the years to come and attends loads and loads of GNOME and KDE and and other conferences for openSUSE. By this time, I heard a talk by Shashwat was cancelled and then I thought perhaps I should ask Bharath if I can give a talk at GNOME Asia ( yes first talk at the last moment, something which I will always cherish and remember). This wonderful man, inspite of all his busy schedule and the India Sri Lanka Finals arranged a talk for me, I still owe you the treat I promised. Since the summit was declared off for the afternoon so that we could all watch the match, I along with Tejas, Vikash, Saurabh and Viraj. We watched the match at CCD. Since I am not a great fan of Cricket, so I decided to play nintendo wii at Gopalan and we kept I played it like around for 3 hours and we returned to Vikash’s room where I surfed over the net and had a few discussions regarding my talk. Bharath called me in an hour confirming my talk and I should say 90% of the hardwork was done by him, Thanks a lot. About my talk, I cannot leave out Sankar P who actually pushed me out of the closet and said Lack of preparation is just pure nonsense and move ahead with the preparations so I had my slides ready. And yes, Manishi I dont think there is not a time in Banglore when I can go without meeting you :D, even if I say a no and I watched the match’s last over at her place and my pic that is at the speakers list is taken by her.

The second day started off pretty dull as 830 hrs is just way too early to wake up on a Sunday and I think Bengaluru agreed on this one with me. One by one people started pouring in and the crowd was again tremendous. I could not attend a load of talks as I had to prepare my slides. Meanwhile, when I was also handling the openSUSE stall. People had all kinds of quesitons and I answered most of their queries. At the end of the day, we were able to distribute all the DVDs around 800 of them , along with a horde of SLES DVD and Laptop Stickers. The SUSE Studio contest was a success and a guy won a netbook over at the summit. I was glad I met Sankar P, who has helped me a lot right from the beginning I joined openSUSE, one person who I really wanted to meet. I met Vincent too, he is a great guy and he took every oppurtunity to enjoy the summit. It was fun to be with him and Sankar P. I also met Manish Sinha, who is one of Manipal’s pass outs and founder of Linux Users Group Manipal. Now before ending the very big lengthy post which must have taken you a great deal I must say a few things about my talk too. I spoke upon LibYUI basically discussed the YaST UI, one reason I discussed this was its innate ability to work on Qt, ncurses and GTK looks without writing the code multiple times. Again, Mvindner had a GSoC Idea regarding this and somehow this excited me and I decided to speak over the GSoC Project over it. Luckily for me, 2 students are applying for the same project. Things could not have been better and I am extremely satisfied at how smoothly things went at GNOME Asia.

PS One thing that is misssing above is pics.. well I will post it as soon as I get them..

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STFU Indian Media

Recently a kid from IIIT Allahabad, India died of a bus aaccident. The turnout of this event came to me as a shock and the little respect that I had for the Indian Media well topsy turvied my outlook on the ideology and work ethics of Indian Media and the Indian Government. The Indian National Emblem has beautifully carved on it “Satyameva Jayathe” (Truth Always Triumphs) but little do we realize the true meaning of it. Getting to the means and getting our asses covered has become out sole ideology which have led to a total disruption of moral ethics and values in the country. The concerned people have taken care to demean the life of the kid by adopting any means that is possible.

As sources tell me ( I am not at a liberty as to who told me what ), this was a typical hit and run case. The boy was standing on the pavement and the rash bus driver (rash drivers are not unusual in India) just bumped into him and ran off. A typical hit and run case which should not have caused a lot of issue if the College Authorities and the Indian Media could have chosen to accept the truth.

Instead everyone chose to weave their own story

Version 1
The boy was drunk and he was ran over by the bus. As my sources tell me, the boy had a pleasant personality and despite of all the attempts made by his friends to force him to drink he never ran across this habit. However the Girls Hostels at IIIT Allahabad were fed with this story.

Version 2
The boy was trying to jump on the footrest of the bus and was carried down by the bus. Sources again tell me, an eye witness was threatened with his life so that the whole affair could be easily buried under the ditch.

Offcourse there are more rumors around the corner but the above two are enough to make a point.

Dear Indian Media,
Either you are jumping to conclusions hastily or you are trying to cover up the truth or you want to strike while the iron is really hot. I dont really care but DEVALUE someones life is not an ethical thing to do. Please do take the time to look for the truth or atleast if you too have multiple scenarios let the general public know about them otherwise STFU.


An interview with Petr Mladek – Libre Office Developer

Recently I had an interview with Petr Mladek, long standing Libre Office and openSUSE Packager who gave me a lot of insights about Libre Office and the ongoing development process along with the Libre Office’s collaboration with openSUSE
Me: Hi Petr, Please tell us a bit about yourself
Petr: I have been a package maintainer in SUSE for since March 2001. In the beginning, I started to take care of some easy editors, e.g. joe and pico. After an year, I started to maintain java packages. In 2004, they told me: “Hey Petr, would you be interested into packaging It is yet another editor, uses java, so it would nicely fit your area of interest.” I answered: “Yup, I could try it” and the game started. As time passed, SUSE has been acquired by Novell, I started to closely cooperate with enthusiastic Michael Meeks. OOo become more important. We hired more people on OOo development. I started working on it full time. We did many OOo releases and recently joined the initiative around LibreOffice. I am proud to be member of the Novell LO team and work closely with all the great and inspiring people. In my spare, I do some usual things, like watching films or reading books. I prefer comedy, psychology, adventure, romance, and action. Also I do some activities, like cycling, hiking, skying, or swimming. During swimming, I often dive under the water to enjoy the silence and free movement. Last but not least, I enjoy many kind of music, especially, folk, rock, and pop. When the sound or words hit your heart, it is one of the best feelings in life. Unfortunately, I can’t distinguish between the tones, so I can’t sing myself. I tried to play guitar and got able to play many simple folk songs. Well, it would need much more effort to more enjoy it or be able to play for others. Finally, I started Salsa dancing two years ago. In the beginning, I danced as if I had two left feet. I think that it is much better now. I have found it an excellent combination of music and “sport”.
Me:  What are some of the unique benefits you can expect to see in Libre Office that aren’t in open office?
Petr: The alternative online help might significantly reduce download time and disk usage. LO supports 3 different formula syntaxes: Calc A1, Excel A1 and Excel R1C1. It has a possibility to use English formula names. The inline forms editing is much easier to use. Again, best to check the LibreOffice features page [1], you will see all the nice additions.
Me : What can users expect to get with libreOffice when they move to 11.4?
Petr: LibreOffice-3.3 includes some nice features compared to I like the new search toolbar, “Title Page”, and “Print” dialogs. I think that users will appreciate the new hierarchical axis labels for charts, RTF export, easier slide layout handling, and all other features[1].
Me:  How much work was involved in getting Libre Office to a stable point ready for the masses?
Petr: A challenge was to integrate all the nice stuff that people provided after the creation of LibreOffice. We also needed to rename the packages, make them backward compatible with the OpenOffice_org packages. Otherwise, it was comparable with stabilizing any other OOo version.
Me: What’s the development environment like?  is it better than what it was before under open office or go-oo?
Petr: The advantage over is a faster development model, and that the project does not need copyright assignment any more. The advantage over Go-oo is that it is not necessary to maintain changes as patches.
Me: Are there any migration concerns about data from old open office to new LibreOffice?
Petr: The update is pretty smooth. LibreOffice is continuation of the project and is based on the OOo sources. The compatibility of import and export filters is our high priority. We kept the oo* wrappers for backward compatibility for people used to start the office suite from the command line. Only one potential problem comes to my mind. The migration from the old configuration stored in ~/.ooo3 can fail in corner cases, and few of the settings are not migrated.
Me: LibreOffice has seen a tremendous growth in contributors since its inception,  To what do you attribute this growth to?
Petr: I think that people always wanted to work on It was popular project, used by many people every day. The work really makes sense. I think that many people join LibreOffice because they could execute their ideas more easily. We also lowered the entry point to the project. There is a set of Easy Hacks [6] that cover tasks from the most easy that need nearly no programming experience, to very advanced ones. You can pick any of those, and can be sure that you’ll get help on the development mailing list [7] or on IRC [8].
Me:What are some of the coolest features that are most overlooked by users of LibreOffice?
Petr : I have found pretty useful a possibility to split view on a sheet. It is done by a tiny black box next to the roll-bar. It helps to assign values between different columns and rows.  Another interesting thing is the possibility to set another language for a particular sentence.  It helps to do the spellchecking correctly. I like the 3D slide transitions. Of course, such transitions are good only for some types of presentations.
Me: Being an openSUSE user, how excited are are you about LibreOffice being featured as default on your favourite OS?
Petr : I am very happy. I believe that LibreOffice has a great future, and that it will gain many satisfied users.
Me : Can users install LibreOffice on pre openSUSE 11.4 versions?
Petr : Yes, the latest stable version can be found in the BS project “LibreOffice:Stable”[2]. It is available for all supported openSUSE distributions. Enthusiasts could try alpha, beta, rc versions from “LibreOffice:Unstable”[3] project. We also think about to provide official maintenance updates for the older openSUSE distributions. I would like to thank all people for trying the unstable builds and reporting bugs. It helps us to catch problems in time. Note that I announce new builds at[4] and[5].
Me: Are there any unique advantages of having LibreOffice on openSUSE versus other distributions?
Petr: openSUSE has a group of excellent LO developers inside, so it is easier to get bugs fixed. Of course, there are always more bugs than we are able to fix but we do our best. Another advantage is the Build Service. It helps to keep the packages up-to-date and compatible for older distributions. Finally, we are the only distro using the split build, so it is easier to hack on LO and distribute smaller fixes.
But the overall goal is to keep all the distros in sync, and not to fragment – so we hope that for example the split build is going to be used by others too.
Me: What is your philosophy on Libre Office?
Petr: It must be free and easy to access and use for users and developers.
Me: What do you see as the future of open document formats?  Are we gaining ground?
Petr: Yes, it seems that more and more users understand the importance of open document formats and it is pushing companies to use them.
Me: What are some of the challenges we see still?  (Technical and perceptual)
Petr: There always will be challenges because everything can be done better and better. An interesting problem might be compatibility of extensions between OOo and LO. We also need to teach people about the time-based schedule and more frequent bugfix releases. Of course, I am primary interested into the build framework where we are going to optimize build using .po files and GNU make. Also I hope that we will continue with the split build.
Me: What accomplishments are you most proud of since LibreOffice was launched?
Petr: I am very proud of all the people who joined the project so far. They do great job. We would not be possible to do all the things without them. Also it is very promising for the future of the project.
Me:  What’s next for LibreOffice?
Petr: We are going to switch to a time based schedule and more frequent bug fix releases. We want to keep quality and avoid infinite RC phase at the same time. The idea is that all serious blocker bugs can be found and fixed within few weeks. Then the application is ready for masses who want to enjoy new features and more complicated fixes. The history says that bugs in less typical scenarios are found weeks after the release. Such bugs will be fixed in pure bug fix releases and released few weeks after each other. It means that more conservative people should rather wait for the 3.x.1, 3.x.2, 3.x.3 releases. We hope that it will help all people to get faster what they want.
[8] channel #libreoffice on
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Awesome bar on Firefox 4.0b

Well a few days back, I got the firefox 4.0b on my openSUSE system and really worked out of the box for me but I missed the awesome bar and maybe a few others like me might have missed it. So , I decided to get the awesome bar working. You can follow the following steps to get your awesome bar working

Enjoy people

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