SaX3 – GSoC 2011 – Weekly Report 2

This is my 2nd report, this week not to show much for the users, but we did a quite interesteing things. SaX is now module oriented.So, if anyone wants to write a module for SaX3 it is possible now. Besides the important things which I did was

  1. Learn the augeas C api
  2. Submitted a  .desktop lens for augeas
  3. It is module oriented
  4. Tried out Doxygen
  5. SaX3 is now localised.

The launcher is now complete :-) Again, the source code is here Regarding modules, If anyone wants to check out how modules work, they work using .desktop files  in /usr/share/sax3/modules.d. If you will remove it we can remove it from the launcher.

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8 thoughts on “SaX3 – GSoC 2011 – Weekly Report 2

  1. Markus says:

    Woot. Good luck. I really miss SAX

  2. [...] the GSOC 2011 sax3 work report: SaX3 – GSoC 2011 – Work Report Week 2 sax3 report is here: SaX3 – GSoC 2011 – Weekly Report 2 The source code is noted to be here: Reply With Quote [...]

  3. Dean says:

    Hi Manu

    I wish you luck with this project. just wanted to bring your attention to these openSUSE threads:×768-resolution-screen-oppose-lowly-1024×768-nvidia-drivers.html#post2353893

    These are the kinds of X.Org config file adjustments which have worked for users. The first is good for nvidia users with EDID issues. The second can work for users with open source drivers.

    I hope this info is useful to you.

  4. [...] for the kind words Lee. I saw your link concerning the update for the sax3-gsoc weekly update: SaX3 – GSoC 2011 – Weekly Report 2 and left a message, which I hope Manu Gupta will read. I know that there are many tricks/tips [...]

  5. Great news! Thanks so much for working on Sax3. I’m happy to be runny openSUSE, which is one of the few distros that actually cares about GUI config tools.

  6. [...] the project somewhat orphaned and development therefore relies on the likes of Google for funding [1, 2, 3] of key projects like YaST, For the rest, OpenSUSE relies on many packages from other [...]

  7. Mindaugas says:

    Please add sax3.desktop file to access this tool via GUI menu (like YaST2 has):

    [Desktop Entry]
    Comment[lt]=SUSE pagerintas X konfigūravimo įrankis V3
    Comment=SUSE Advanced X Configuration V3
    Exec=xdg-su -c “sax3″
    GenericName[lt]=SAX3 įrankis
    GenericName=SAX3 tool

  8. Mindaugas says:

    and additional line in sax3.desktop


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